Favorite Pet Art & Custom Pet Canvases

At Paint Our Paws, we love each of our pet art pieces. But there are always a few designs loved by our customers and ourselves that stand out from the crowd. This selection of custom pet canvas designs are some of our favorites from the years, each of which celebrates your pet and puts them right in the middle of a fantastic piece of art. Choose from custom pet canvas designs such as our pet renaissance paintings that can directly put your cat or dog into a 15th-century painting or our superhero selection that transforms them into all your favorite movie and comic book characters. We offer tons of creative and fun pet art designs that celebrate your love for your animal and allow you to proudly hang their likeness on your wall for everyone to enjoy. Shop our favorite pet canvas designs below.

Custom Pet Canvas Favorites

A pet Renaissance painting or other funny pet canvas is a unique way to honor a favorite pet. If you have an animal companion, or you'd like to find a gift for someone who loves their animal, customized pet art can be the answer you've been looking for. Our talented team of artists creates custom pet canvas art, priding themselves on paying attention to the details and putting love in every piece they make.

While we love all our pet art themes, some stand out from the rest as customer favorites. Renaissance pet photos are the perfect way to show who really rules the house. We also have themes that offer modern classics such as Bernie Mittens or Baby Yoda. Whether you think your pet could be the next candidate on The Bachelor or is better suited to a Disney-style princess, we can make it happen.

You'll find popular superheroes, movie characters, Renaissance pet photos and politicians in our favorite pet canvas collection. Maybe your dog would make a good Dogfather? Or perhaps your companion deserves their own pet Renaissance painting to celebrate their class. We have custom pet canvas themes that suit every style and personality.

Our customers love our creations because pet art can always put a smile on any animal lover's face. Once you find the perfect theme for your funny dog canvas, you're one step closer to making your customized pet portrait a reality.

How Do I Know if My Photo Is Good Enough For You to Use for My Custom Pet Canvas?

Here is a list of things to look out for when choosing a photo for your pet portrait:

  • The photo needs to be clear.
  • Avoid sending low-quality or blurry photos.
  • If possible, try getting a photo at eye level with your animal.
  • Lighting should be bright and natural.
  • Avoid photos taken in dark rooms.
  • Close-up photos are the best so we can capture your animal's facial features.
  • No need to have your animal look directly into the camera — we know that can be mission impossible!
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We will notify you if we have any issues with the photo you submit. If you don't send us another photo for your custom pet canvas within 48 hours, our artists will work with what they have.

Is it Okay to Submit a Picture That Isn't Just My Pet?

As long as we get a clear image of your pet in the photo and a high-quality image file, our artists shouldn't have a problem creating your custom pet canvas.

What if My Pet Isn't a Cat or a Dog?

It doesn't matter if your animal companion isn't feline or canine. We can do a custom pet canvas of your lizard, bird or bunny too. If you have a high-quality photo of your animal, we can do a pet portrait.

How Do I Create My Custom Pet Canvas?

Ordering your pet canvas is easy!

First, choose your portrait theme and pet canvas size. Next, submit a high-quality photo of your pet by clicking the upload button on the product page. You can choose a photo directly from Facebook or Instagram too. Once uploaded, add the finalized product to your cart and you're done!

If you need assistance along the way or have any questions, contact our team for help.